Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Isaiah 61-66

We finished Isaiah!  We happened to start in one of the longest books in the bible...but we made it.

This section was a bit of a dialogue back and forth between God and the Jews.  God keeps saying, "Seriously, guys.  I keep taking care of you and you keep treating me like crap.  You sin again and again and again and I keep wiping up your messes."  The Jews keep asking, "But what about all of this smiting you've continually done to us?"  To which God responds, "You've done this to yourself.  But I will take those who have praised my name--Jews AND Gentiles alike--and start anew.  We'll build a new city, a new people.  Unfortunately, this is likely to start all over again, but I'll still look out for the people who do my will."

Throughout Isaiah, we noticed a mix of dialogue between God and Isaiah, God and the Jews, Isaiah and the Jews, etc.  It's a little confusing at times...this would make sense coming from a prophet, though.  I hope we've done it justice, but as we go back and re-read, I'm sure we'll make adjustments as the truth is further revealed to us.

This has been tonight's Fresh Take.

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