Monday, April 9, 2012

Isaiah 53-60: How to live with God

Happy Easter...Short post tonight, children (and also parents) are worn out from the weekend's festivities....Lets briefly summarize each of these chapters and what we can learn from them.

Isaiah 53
This chapter details how the Lord's servant will have to suffer so that the sins of many will be saved. This sounds awfully familiar and is timely given the holiday that just passed. In hindsight, we can assume that he is talking about Jesus, but there is a general thought here that through suffering will come salvation.

Isaiah 54
It will payoff in the end to be a servant of the Lord, because he is and can give all.

Isaiah 55
God knows that we have done wrong, but if we repent and are truly sorry, we will have God's forgiveness.

Isaiah 56
All are welcome to come and be with God...not just those of Israel. Any who wish to repent and worship the Lord are welcome to be with him.

Isaiah 57
The reason idolotry is so detrimental is because it cheapens the worship of the Lord. What good is putting the Lord first on the Sabbath if every other day of the week you worship idols (or money, fame, property, etc.).

Isaiah 58
Don't worship the Lord (fasting, mass, etc.) because you are supposed to. Do it for the enjoyment of worshiping the Lord. No meat on Fridays in Lent is for a reason, not an excuse to get a cheap, deep-fried carp-wich from a fast food place.

Isaiah 59
God calls out the Jews on all of their sins, but reminds them they will be forgiven and he will always take care of them.

Isaiah 60
All of your suffering will not be in vain because you will be rewarded with good things.

That's all for now...we'll be back tomorrow night.

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