Thursday, April 5, 2012

Isaiah 47-52: Don't Get Complacent!!!

This was the first night of biblical reading that Molly and I launched into a full on discussion...part of the reason we are doing this. Early in our relationship we were always discussing "deeper" things. Recently, through the mundane of life and busyness of children and work we felt like we were in a rut we couldn't get out of. What happened to those discussions? What happened to the thirst for knowledge? We got complacent in our lives!

These chapters of Isaiah seem to follow a similar theme to earlier chapters: God reminds the Israelites that they are his people, God reminds them that all of their misfortune came from themselves, God reminds them that he always comes in to save them from their misfortune once their lesson is learned, etc. It seems like there is a common theme through the biblical accounts of Israel. The story always follows the same plot: God delivers the Jews, they forget and start to question God once they get into a rut and finally after another act of God, the Jews are straightened back out.

Molly asked a pertinent question tonight, "Why were the Jews the chosen people?" This was the starting point of our discussion. No answers will be given here, that is for you to discuss amongst yourselves. However, one thing came out of our discussion, the stories in the Bible, regardless of if you view them as fact or fiction, depict the ups and downs of a people that can be related to our lives on a daily basis. Today's lesson?


Why is it that we work incredibly hard to diet, or get better at cleaning, or try to be better parents...only to fall back into our old habits? Why do New Year's Resolutions never stick?
The same thing happens to the Jews over and over again.

When we try to change our habits, we often get an exhilarating rush of accomplishment...We become prideful in our ability to change. Often we are too quick to pat ourselves on the back and say, "I've done good this week...I deserve a reward." One reward leads to another, one night off from doing the dishes leads into an entire day, and before you know it, there is a half eaten chocolate pie in the freezer and you are eating cereal out of mixing bowls because the normal bowls are underneath a pile of filth you don't want to think about.

There is a reason that our Blog challenge is 3 months long and not just the 21 days it takes to form a new habit. We want to make a change in our lives...and that takes total commitment. When you feel the complacency bug hit you, push through it, because the reward on the other side is far grrrrreater than Frosted Flakes instead of Wheaties for breakfast.

Always forward thinking for the better,

Mike and Molly

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