Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Isaiah 31-40

Sorry for the lack of post last night, but Molly and I both had some business to take care of. We are back in the swing of things and ready for more Isaiah. 

This section of reading spans a lot of different ideas so we will try to give a synopsis of each chapter in as  few words as possible. If you are reading along with us and you disagree, or have a better way to state it, we want your feedback.

Isaiah 31:
Prophecy that Assyria will fall.

Isaiah 32:
Those who worship earthly things shouldn't because they will be destroyed.

Isaiah 33:
The GOOD shall be with God in Zion, the BAD will perish...sorry, no UGLY here.

Isaiah 34:
All man made countries, palaces, etc. will come to ruin and become places for the wild animals to live.

Isaiah 35:
The holy people shall be with God forever.

Isaiah 36:
The Assyrians tell the people of Jerusalem to ignore God and make a deal so they can live in peace...those who were told ignored the Assyrians and returned to their king, Hezekiah.

Isaiah 37: 
Hezekiah seeks Isaiah's advice and prays to God for deliverance. God replies, "Don't sweat it, you know I've got your back." The angel of the Lord then smote 5180 Assyrian soldiers in their camp.

Isaiah 38:
Hezekiah is on his death bed, but God rewards him with extended life so that he might see Jerusalem completely delivered from the Assyrians. Hezekiah says, "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

Isaiah 39:
Hezekiah shows off all of his good stuff to the Babylonians...as punishment God makes Hezekiah give all of his stuff to the Babylonian king (including his sons to be eunuchs!).

Isaiah 40:
God is everywhere, everything, great, good, better than everything, gives power to people, etc.

As with everything else we read in Isaiah so far, God is all that matters. The things and positions that we on earth make for ourselves really come from God and have no meaning without God because after all, they are of this Earth and not eternal. There is no situation which God cannot help us overcome. Likewise, without God we will no be able to overcome anything.


Happy April....and remember to smile, Easter (the ultimate showing of God's power) is just about here.

Blessings and love,

Mike and Molly

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