Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Isaiah 41-46

The theme of this section of reading can be summarized in two words: I AM!

God reminded Israel in each of these chapters that there is none like him.  No idol, no preacher or teacher, no material thing, no other god should be revered above him.  He stated that the other countries of idol worshipers would see that their idols got them nothing and that Israel, a nation without idols and only with God, had everything and eventually they would come to be like Israel.

God repeatedly states in this section, "I give you everything and you repay me lack of thanks.  Do not forget how important I am.  See these other nations that have no protection and no favor in my eyes; they do not have me.  You do.  And all you do is repay me with sins."  This is a familiar feeling as a parent!

Short post tonight...last night was a bit sleepless...more tomorrow...

This has been today's Fresh Take.

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  1. Haha! I think the entire Bible makes a lot more sense as a parent! ;)