Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It's time for a blog challenge!  We've decided that there are certain habits that we possess (or don't possess) that we would like to change.  This is probably true for most people; would you like to lose weight?  watch less tv?  learn a new hobby?  keep in touch with old friends?  Then we challenge you to join us in making a change.

The challenge goes as follows:  Change 3 things for 3 months.  The things you choose should be manageable goals, but something that you have continually told yourself you "should" do.  Keep track of the progress you make.  Is this change easy?  difficult?  Did it inspire other changes?  At the end of 3 months, decide if this is a change you can live with.

It is thought that 21 days is all it takes to make something become a habit.  If this is true, than by the end of 3 months this change should become more than a habit--it should become second nature.

Our changes are these:
1) Read the bible and blog every Monday through Thursday for 3 months.  Weekends optional.
2) Eliminate eating junk food and eating out.  The exceptions are birthdays, holidays, and special visits (i.e. with Gammy and Papa Wall).
3) Go to bed by 10 every night.  Again, the only exceptions would be special occasions.

It is our belief that by changing these things we will not only develop these particular habits, but we will experience other positive changes in the process.  For instance, eating less junk leaves the potential for reducing the amount of garbage we output on a weekly basis.  It could also leave us with more free time, as we won't be so focused on the end-of-the-day goal of sitting down and enjoying a treat, not to mention saving money, losing a few pounds, etc, etc.  These are the types of things we'd like you to keep track of.

Let us know if you'll be joining our challenge!  What things are you going to change?  What do you hope to accomplish in changing these things?  Please let us know these plans.  Also, invite others who are not following our blog to join you.  This challenge starts as soon as you read this.


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