Friday, March 22, 2013

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit...

Wow!  It's been awhile!  Mike and I moved to a new house a while back and from the time of our last post until about now, we've been pretty swamped with all things new house.  But here we are again, hoping you're still out there anxiously awaiting our next blog post :)  Here's a "Sunday" Fresh Take for you:

The Father.  The Son.  The Holy Spirit.  What does this mean?  So many of us have spoken these words a million times and never really thought about what it meant.  And while it's still a bit beyond my full comprehension at this point, I was recently going through some "inner struggles" that lead me to the explanation I'd like to share today.  It probably won't be what you were taught in church/school!

Man was created in God's likeness.  Hmm.  Well, which likeness of God?  The Father?  The Son?  The Holy Spirit?  How about ALL THREE!?  As human beings, most of us are able to acknowledge that our being is made up of more than just our physical body.  We are a mind, a body, and a spirit (also thoughts, actions, and emotions/condition).  Our mind is our decision maker.  It drives us to do the things that we do.  Our body is the physical vessel that carries out the actions driven by our mind.  Our spirit is our essence, the aspect of us that is the most greatly affected by our thoughts and actions.

How does this make us like our Maker?  Let's start with the Father.  This would be comparable to our mind.  This is what we think of as our Creator--he "thought" us into existence and here we are.  Onto the Son.  This is comparable to our body.  The Christ is the physical version sent to us to better understand this.  And finally the Holy Spirit.  Well, in our likeness, that'd be our spirit, or that part of us that best reflects our condition.

We often forget to look beyond our physical selves.  We'll blame our ailments on genetics, diet, and lifestyles; while these are factors, I believe it's only a blip on the map.  In order to be whole, we have to examine our whole being.  It was our thoughts that drove us to live the lives that we've lived.  Our bodies carried out those thoughts.  And now our spirits reflect those actions that once started as a thought.

Most of us have been lead to believe that we're not enough.  We need to behave better for our parents.  We need to do better in school.  We need to make more money.  We need to be better parents.  We need to eat better, exercise better, pray better, present ourselves better...the list goes on.  And while we know deep down that none of this has anything to do with how "good" we are and most of us can admit that (of course) this is all nonsense and doesn't matter in the long run, we allow these thoughts--stemming from our minds--to drive our bodies to act out what becomes the condition of our spirits.  We become ill, hurt, depressed, lazy, obese, angry...we become broken.

Jesus (the person many acknowledge as God's physical form) lived for what, 30-some years?  That's a blip on the map.  But what we read about him now should teach us that what he wanted us to know is that this physical aspect of our beings IS nothing but a blip on the map.  Our body is nothing but a physical vessel upon which to place blame for/carry out our condition.  Our mind and spirit are so powerful and tightly connected that if we truly BELIEVE that we can be healed, we become whole.

The next time you want to place blame for something wrong in your life, stop.  Stop yourself and ask, "Am I whole?  Have I been having dark thoughts?  Did those thoughts drive me to do something less-than-healthy?  Did those unhealthy actions leave a mark on my spirit?"  You will very quickly find an answer, and it probably isn't what you initially thought.

Let God's will be your driving force.  Let God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit lead you through life.  Become whole.  God resides within us all!

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