Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're back...I. Samuel 18-19

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so. Life got hectic for us and hopefully you had a chance to catch up on everything.

Where we last left off, David had slain Goliath. As a result, we now find that David was given a prominent place in Saul's kingdom leading armies. Saul however had become very jealous of David as the Lord had left Saul, but now was with David. In a backwards thinking mentality, Saul was determined to have David slain, but by putting him in positions to die (like leading the armies against the Philistines). David always prevailed though, and the people began to sing his praises more so than Saul. Even Saul's son Jonathon loved  David. Saul then tried giving his daughter to David, but ended up giving her to another prince. Saul's other daughter fell in love with David and Saul saw this as an opportunity to give her to David as a wife in a plot to get David slain by Philistines. He thought he could use his daughter to distract David and get to him. Of course, David was never slain by Philistines. Getting frustrated and in fits of rage, Saul eventually turned to throwing javelins at David.

At one point though, Jonathon convinced his father not to harm David, but then in a fit of rage he threw another javelin at him. When David escaped, he sent messengers to kill him at his house, but Saul's own daughter put a dummy in the bed and said that David was sick and couldn't come to the door. David escaped to hang out with Samuel until things would blow over, but Saul went on the warpath looking for  David. At first Saul sent messengers to find him, but they ended up being take by the Lord to prophesy with the prophets. Then Saul went himself and had a similar thing happen to him, being overtaken by the Lord and becoming like a prophet at Samuel's doorstep.

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