Friday, March 30, 2012


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There has been interest in "reading along" with us as we go through the bible.  While most versions of the bible are at least similar in their interpretation, we are currently reading from the King James Version.  Why?  This is thought to be the third authorized English translation of the bible; the first two evidently encountered problems and were not as literal a translation.  While this may still not be a 100% accurate translation, our idea is that if we read a version that is more accurately translated, then we are making our own interpretation of someone's interpretation, rather an interpretation of an interpretation of an interpretation of an interpretation, etc, etc.  So, use whichever version you choose, but understand that this is the one we are choosing to read.  If you care to join us in the same version, here is a link for the King James online.  This could help you follow if say, perhaps, you wanted to read along on your break at work.

Another note:  We are reading Monday through Thursday evenings, and only on weekends if we decide we want to.  We will read and interpret and post, and then go back and re-read to solidify what we feel we have read.  You may want to note that at this rate, it could take us a couple of years to make it all the way through!!!  However, it is entirely possible that once we gain momentum, we may dive in deeper than we had initially intended.

Also, I am contemplating having a "Sunday Fresh Take" segment...a little about life as I see it.
Topics such as discipline, mind-body connections, simplicity, and the like would be covered.

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P.S.  We would love to hear which versions you own/read/have read.  Feel free to comment.

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  1. Ooo! The Douay-Rheims version is my version of choice as it was the closest I could get to the first English translation. Some of the 'olde' language and dialect offers insight into different (less modern) times. Also, the KJV is missing books (or writings) that were removed (by protestant groups)and are now referred to as the apocrypha. I have some extra copies of my version if you'd like them (even if just to have).

    At any rate, thanks for letting us know what you're reading, it is indeed important.